Monday, January 23, 2017

Filed My First Trump White House FOIA Today

I wasn't surprised the information page for making a public records request of the White House was deleted by the new administration from their web site.

Today, I filed my initial Freedom of Information Act request with the #FakePresident. I used the "contact us" form and also snail-mailed my request to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What am I asking for? The FOIA log listing who's made requests thus far, in the first few days of this nightmare administration.

Let's see who's filed a request, what was asked for and how the White House processed the request. Have you made a FOIA request lately?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

White House Lies About Mrs. Pence's Charity?

Absolutely everything posted to #FakePresident Trump's White House site must be challenged and verified. Here's some of what is posted there regarding the VP's wife:

"In her role as First Lady of Indiana, Mrs. Pence created the Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation. The Foundation was a 501 (c) 3, established with the purpose to encourage and support youth and families of Indiana . . . The Foundation’s board awarded over $600,000 in grants to charities serving Hoosiers in all 92 counties."

The GuideStar site reports the foundation received it's tax exemption in 2014 and only two IRS 990 filings have been submitted to the Treasury Department.

In 2013, Karen Pence's charity donated $100,000 to the Riley Children's Foundation and in 2014 the Feeding Indiana's Hungry nonprofit received $65,000. By my estimation, based on available tax records, only $165,000 was doled out the her foundation, not the $600,000 claimed by the White House site.

Finally, Mrs. Pence's charity's site is not operational. It's nothing more than a blank white page.


Morphine & Me: Greetings From the ER!

After a week of fighting a cold, I wound up visiting the Sutter Health Davies emergency room for what turned out to be diverticulitis. Spent over four hours there on Saturday afternoon and into the night.

The staff checked my chest and lung for any signs of flu or pneumonia; negative on both. They administered two doses of morphine with no hesitation but my desire for an antibiotic was refused.

I had to get my two antibiotics afterward at Safeway, where it took just over two hours for my prescriptions to be fulfilled. Only one pharmacist is on duty weekend nights. Started those week-long regimens as soon as I got home.

Mike stayed home, nursing his flu-like ailments. There was no need for him to get stressed out accompanying me. He's experiencing a few less problems and we're helping each other meet our health challenges.

The diverticulitis pain isn't so bad and I'm still feeling a morphine hangover. My food intake is small and water intake's steady and large.

Btw, the current issue of Harper's magazine featuring guidance to resisting the Trump agenda was predictable and not the least inspiring to me, but the essays helped pass the hours.

Brava, to all of the Women's Marches around the globe and across America and everyone who participated in the events yesterday. Finally, many thanks to all the caregivers who took care of me at the ER.
If #FakePresident #Trump's press briefings' page on his second day in the White House can't post the video of his spokesman Sean Spicer's lying lips moving at the podium this afternoon, it's one more sign of how inept he and his administration are.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

DPW: Building of Homeless Fence May Start on Monday

There simply isn't enough follow up with public agencies at City Hall.

You may recall my transparency effort over the summer with the Department of Public Works about their plan to erect a permanent anti-homeless fence around the McCoppin Hub, two-blocks from our home.

Neighbors closer to the public space near Valencia and Market, fed up with unruly behavior by folks camping in the plaza and unsanitary conditions, successfully lobbied Sup. Jane Kim and DPW to allocate funds for the fence.

No peeps of protests came from homeless advocates or progressive Democrats, many of whom were desperate, and failed, to get Kim elected over Scott Wiener to the state senate.

At a time when millions around the world are calling on #FakePresident Trump to build bridges and not walls, liberal San Francisco will soon construct a retractable metal fence to repel homeless people from using public property.

This week, I followed up with Rachel Gordon at DPW regarding the start date of building the fence and it could be as early at Monday.

A fence is no answer to the now greatly-diminished anti-social behaviors and filth of McCoppin Hub and social problems stemming from lack of affordable housing for all.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Fake News: SF Chronicle Quotes 9 Professors, No Citizens

On an given day of the news week, what academics think hogs up much real estate in San Francisco's major daily.

In four of today original Chronicle-reporter penned stories, no less than nine college professors are quoted, extensively too, in the front news and business sections.

The voices and concerns of regular folks or people outside of the university bubble are omitted.

Too often, a high number of Chronicle journalists rely on their same old academic contacts. They're usually easy to track down via email and always welcome the opportunity to pontificate.

What they have to say on a daily basis is fake news. It's reason why I generally read the Chronicle's paper edition more to count how many professors are quoted, or given space on the open ed page.

I don't care much about the content of their opinion; only how often they're quoted on a given day.

Here are the links to the stories in question:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mike and I had restful naps late this afternoon. When we awoke, Turner Classic Movies was about to start broadcasting Jacques Demy's classic musical "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg."

The guest programmer was "La La Land" director Damien Chazelle who shared his love of the French film with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz and us, the viewing audience at home.

This was Mike's first time seeing "Umbrellas" and I'm pleased to report he enjoyed it. The only time I saw the film was back in the day at legendary Thalia Theatre on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Nice way to see it a second time. We love movie musicals!

Is There an FBI File on Carrie Fisher or George Michael?

Here's how to make a FOIA request to the FBI after anyone, famous or not, passes away.

Write your request, include the full obituary from a legitimate news outlet or other verifiable source and the URL, email everything to this addy:

I did exactly that after Carrie Fisher and George Michael died and yesterday I received via snail mail letters from the feds, stating they searched their Central Records System and found nothing on either of them.

Do American democracy a favor and file a FOIA request today with a federal agency or official.

Now, more than ever, government transparency is desperately needed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

While I had a good enough day with fewer cold-related aches, Mike is now experiencing chills and sweats. It's been quite chilly in our apartment, so we used the space heater in the TV room and oven in the kitchen to keep us warm. Both of us are drinking lots of water, taking our daily drug cocktails and napping. Here's hoping we continue to get the rest we need and maybe turn the corner by tomorrow, with our colds behind us.

Monday, January 16, 2017

SF Chronicle: Civic Leader Hopes '[Trump] Does Well'

I've never respected George Schultz, former adviser to President Reagan who served as his secretary of state in the 1980s. He's married to San Francisco's wealthy socialite and Chief of Protocol Charlotte Mailliard Schultz, and is frequently seen at City Hall soirees.

This power-couple often enjoys steno services from the SF Chronicle. Just yesterday, Sunday, January 15, the print edition of the paper asked George Schultz to weigh in on Donald Trump:

"Our economy has been slowed by a maze of intricate regulations. But a rearrangement of our tax system and regulatory changes, already in the works, will boost the economy. We’re also in a new era of renewable energy (wind, solar, electric) and, based on my involvement with MIT and Stanford, the problem of storing their intermittency will be reduced.

"As far as Trump is concerned, even though so many are rooting against him, I hope he does well. I’m always for the president, whoever he is. The better the president does, the better off our country will be."

I sure would like to know exactly what part of Trump's agenda is so attractive to Schultz. No, I don't agree that the better this pathological, narcissistic, thin-skinned liar the better America is.

FYI, there are at least seven pieces of public property named for one or both of the Schultz's including City Hall's grand staircase.